Is it legal?

Yes, Medexprez is totally legal. Medexprez is an intermediary Laboratory Service provider which receive Laboratory request on behalf of its users. Where request are received on our site, and samples are taken, work on your sample and results are uploaded on our platform.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is totally safe. All our staff are qualified and well trained to be able to able take blood samples with no or little pain. 

Can I get a doctors advice before request?

Yes, you can talk to a doctor and get the appropriate lab requests done or get interpretations or advice after a lab request has been done

Why would I want to order my own lab requests?

Here are a few reasons why you may choose to order your lab requests.

-       Track lab results for your personal health goals

-       Regular lab tests required for a chronic condition

-       Need an affordable, confidential and convenient way to request tests

-       Need time saving and urgent request done

What tests can I order?

MedExprez offers a wide range of lab tests and panels. Hence you can select a lab request from the list provided, send an image of a request form, call us to assist you with a request. You can contact us if the test you need is not available in our list provided.

How Can I understand my results?

More details of what each lab test does can be found in the description of the test but in order to fully understand a results you don’t have knowledge or much information about, we strongly encourage you to discuss your results with a MedExprez doctor or Medical practitioner or your preferred doctor.