About Us


Our goal is to support and develop the health sector in Ghana by making accessing laboratory services easy for the benefit of its people. We strongly believe in the health sector’s ability to create direct and indirect employment and income opportunities, to provide attractive opportunities to Ghanaians and to generate income for the development of the Nation. With our widespread nationwide network, Medexprez offers a comprehensive range of clinical laboratory tests and profiles. These tests and profiles are used for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and/or monitoring of the disease.

 PERSONNEL PROFILE: Our team is made of qualified, licensed and well trained health professionals which includes physician Assistants and Medical Laboratory Scientists, with high level of experience in thier respective profession.

SAMPLE TAKING AND TRANSPORTATION: Samples are taken under aseptic conditions, with all our medical equipment well preserve under favorable conditions. Transportation of samples are done within the required period to ensure adequate results are obtained. 


2.1 We act as an intermediary laboratory Service provider that receive laboratory test requests on our platform, follow up with the taking of samples required for the test. Results obtained are then uploaded, sent to our client(s) e-mail or sent to our client at their location based on their request.  

2.2 Our services are direct or indirect, in that we are affiliated to a particular laboratories where we work on all our samples and indirect on the other hand where clients can specify the particular laboratories where they want test done.

2.3 Request can also be made on behave of someone who may not be in the position to make request for themselves at a different location.  The location of the client will have to be selected in the course of the request processes.